The Blackice cube representing all colors trapped in a box, free water trapped in a shape.

Melt the ice, shape the water, be your force.

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Running through the Utility hall The Alterverse
The Alterverse launched the Pre-Alpha. Current game mode Freeplay. Here me just running through our Disruption ship Utility Shaft on the Blackice Network Alterverse The Absorber server.

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] The Alterverse Chilling on the Magellan Crewroom03
Blackice just entered the Altervers Team Disruption Server The Magellan and watched its own Youtube instruction video in Crewroom 3.

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Solution Steam Alterverse zoom issue 01
When launching the Alterverse game (Alpha) through Steam the game launches in a strange / zoomed-in resolution.

This video shows one of the ways how to solve this issue on Windows 10.
The solution is to turn off Scaling/Zooming. If you have a better solution please let us and the Official Alterverse Team know!

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] How to join Alterverse Freeplay The Absorber server
Here a small video how to join the Blackice Network Alterverse Disruption server - The Absorber. During the pre-alpa this server is set to Freeplay - so come join! Watch video
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The Absorber
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[NL]The Netherlands
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