The Blackice cube representing all colors trapped in a box, free water trapped in a shape.

Melt the ice, shape the water, be your force.

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Game server : ´╗┐Ready 16May20210426
Voice server: ´╗┐VoiceError 16May20210426

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Alterverse beginners instructions jumping | SPACEBAR
Alterverse beginners instructions. To jump use SPACEBAR. U can jump while walking, standing, running, crouching.

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Alterverse beginners instructions restoring health and stamina by eating.
To restore your Health & Stamina you have to eat. When you have found food, use the following steps to eat and restore.

1) Aim your mouse at the food. (Your mouse dot will change in a chevron ^) and Pickup with button E
2) Take food in left hand using Q
3) Eat food using action button combination Z + LEFT-MOUSE-BUTTON

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Alterverse Advanced Server Instructions : Monitoring Alterverse connections using Muble client.
In this video I install the Mumble client, and connect to our running Alterverse Disruption server - The Absorber. This can come in handy when you are running the server through command line.

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Alterverse Advanced Server instruction: Starting Alterverse Disruption Server from command line.
In the following video I show how I have setup our Alterverse Disruption server - The Absorber - from the command line so that the server can be started without starting steam by creating a shortcut on the desktop.

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Chilling With Dutch III at Mama Bahama
After a hard day of working doing the pre alphe me and Dutch III Needed a drink. Cheers Bud!

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