The Blackice cube representing all colors trapped in a box, free water trapped in a shape.

Melt the ice, shape the water, be your force.

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[13-Feb-2020] [YT][Tricks] Improve in-game performance | Nvidia
In this video we will share a trick we used on our Lenovo Laptop with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 video card, by playing with the PhysX settings, it seems enforcng PhysX to be used on the Nvidia card and not the CPU the in-game performance got a huge boost. We do not know if this will work on your computer.

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[09-Feb-2020] [YT] Alterverse Advanced Server Manual | switching server game modes
In this video we try to show the fundamentals of how a Alterverse Disruption server works from the perspective of switching game-modes when you are running your server(s) directly from the command line.

Your servers configuration – The Game mode you have configured (Freeplay, Soloraid, etc) – is stored on the Alterverse server. So when you start your Ship from the command-line the configuration stored on the Alterverse servers enforce in what game-mode your ship is booted.

So when you want to switch game-modes for your currently running server(s), you should [1]Stop your server, [2] Change the Game Mode through the Alterverse “Launch Server” option by saving your changes and [3]re-starting your server through the command line.

If you are monitoring your server by using a Mumble client, you should switch channels, to monitor the game.

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Alterverse beginners instructions interACTION | key: [E]
On the Disruption Ship in the Alterverse you are able to interact with the environment, using the keyboard key [E]. When you hover your in-game mouse dot over an object and it turns into an downward pointing chevron ^ you can interact with the object using the interACTION key [E]

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] The Secret Room
This is just a Teaser

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[29-Jan-2020] [YT] Alterverse beginners instructions crouching | key: C
Alterverse beginners instructions crouching can be done using key C. During your crouch you can walk using the ASDW keys, while holding C.

Crouch : C
Crouch and walk [ASDW] + C

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